Adventure Time birthday cake

UNC Fan Groom’s cake

Wedding at the Plantation

Princess Pillow Birthday  Cake

Pink Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake

Engagement Cake

Purple Birthday Gift

Coming Up Flowers Birthday Cake

“confetti” cake w/buttercream; the flower clusters are cupcakes

Celebration Cake

The base is chocolate cake/chocolate ganache fill; Cutting board is gluten free vanilla cake w/rasperry; Bucket is vanilla cake w/buttercream. Ice and wine bottle are poured sugar; Cheese and grapes are white chocolate.

Cow Cake Birthday

a birthday cake with a cow theme made of chocolate cake, chocolate ganache/fresh raspberry fill.

Birthday Cake for Two

a shared birthday cake for a couple recently beginning their social security life

Game Night Dice Cake

a slightly different version of the ‘chocolate overload’ cake

Retirement Cake

vanilla cake w/buttercream

Batman Birthday Cake

white cake w/ buttercream

Pool Table Birthday Cake

Rack o Balls Birthday Cake

Monkeys & Bananas Birthday Cake

banana cake, sliced banana fill w/buttercream topped with more bananas & chocolate ganache

Lord Krishna Inspired Birthday Cake

eggless lemon cake w/raspberry fill and buttercream

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