~ Opps Cakes… trial and error!

Golf Tee & Ball Golf Theme

So… this is one of those things that in the minds-eye is a great idea but somehow fails during the execution! My purpose with the attempt of this cake was to try some different techniques all of which I managed to complete but with results not quite like I’d imagined!
1) It was my first attempt at a sphere… which I tried to cheat a bit by using two half circles rather than carving a hunk of cake into a sphere…
2) It was my first attempt at airbrushing color for a more intense result (the red golf tee) and I’m still wiping the red film from various rooms in my house!
3) It was my first attempt at structural support including the use of cereal treats for some of the form/support (again, the golf tee)
It’s nice that the great people at the office will eat anything and willingly accept my ‘practice’ cakes cause they still taste great. Not to mention the fairway, hazards and green turned out decently!

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