Because cupcakes make most people smile, I’ve named my cupcake truck “Smiles”. Hard to miss in her shiny, new, pink dress – “Smiles” is the sparkling pink cupcake truck of Sweet Stacey Cakes that delivers cupcakes by the truckload to destinations throughout the Triangle!

Want to know where “Smiles” will be?  Follow us on Twitter @SweetStaceyCake or like us at

“Smiles” is available for any reason you can think of to have fresh, yummy, specialty cupcakes brought to you such as:

  • events
  • street fairs
  • fund-raisers (school, church, organizations, etc)
  • workplace visits
  • parties
  • weddings / receptions
  • special occasions
  • private shindigs
  • sporting events (tee ball, soccer, swim meets, tournies, etc)
  • neighborhood gatherings / block yard sales
  • ______ (insert your reason here!)


Do you know of an event that “Smiles” should attend — Contact me with the info!

Do you want to book “Smiles” — Contact me and we’ll talk details to get your date scheduled!


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